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    Thumbs down Au revoir MEPIS

    I've been a MEPIS user since version 3.3, and had high hopes for version 6.5. Meantime I switched to Kubuntu, which is now my main distro. I tried the MEPIS 6.5 live CD the other day, and was delighted with the new look and the general feel of the new MEPIS. As I have a 3-drive system I had intended to install it on one of my hard disks, and I was delighted with the speed of the installation compared with earlier versions.

    However, just as I was rejoicing in my new MEPIS setup, I discovered that it was completely unable to recognise any of my USB devices. Thinking that it might be an installation fault, I checked whether the live CD version detected them. The result was the same, and unfortunately the problem was not the result of a bad CD burn, as md5sum checked out OK.

    So, with a real feeling of regret, I shall be saying au revoir to MEPIS for the time being.

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    The short answer is that Mepis is very good indeed.
    I have just moved from openSUSE 10.2, which I used to like very much, to Mepis 6.5.00.
    The main reason for my move was the 10.2 package manager, Yast, which was just so slow and clumsy. The Synaptic Package Manager in Mepis is lightning fast in comparison.
    The installation time for Mepis is very short (mine took 8 minutes) and the installation itself is much simpler compared to 10.2. (A single CD compared to 3 or 5 CDs with 10.2).
    Virtually every piece of software you require, including plug-ins etc, is automatically installed in Mepis. Any other additional software is just a few clicks away in established Synaptic repositories.
    You just need to tick the last box in Synaptic (Settings > Repository) to add a single repository for "free non-free" items.
    I am afraid that 10.2 makes life unnecessarily complicated in comparison, what with having to add various repositories, plug-ins, software you never knew you needed etc. etc.
    In my opinion SimplyMEPIS 6.5 lives up to its name. It is simple and straightforward to install and use. It has short boot up and shutdown times.
    One of the major advantages of using Mepis is that, unlike most other Linux OSs, it recognises every bit of your pc's hardware which is no mean feat.
    What is more, it is certainly no less powerful than 10.2 or any other Linux operating system I have come across.
    To borrow from the Carlsberg adverts, "If Carlsberg were to design Linux operating systems then they would come up with SimplyMEPIS".
    Simply the BEST.

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