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    need help on elx

    Hi friends i m new to linux i have just started using linux my friends told me that elx is userfriendly and fast so i installed it i just want to know how to configure modem(56k smartlink internal) on it in order to set up dial up connection .if anyone of u know how to make it please give me stepps or links on net where they are available.i also want to know the books which will help me to learn linux in simple way with sweet examples

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    ELX - meh.

    ELX was the first linux I tried. Yes, it was userfriendly and all, but (last I checked) the EverybodysLinux websites and organization never quite coalesced. In other words, no real support.

    By poking around a little trying to figure out basics like 'what kernel am I running?', and 'what software should I try installing?' I realized that ELX was a Fedora derivative -- and that it would be simpler to move closer to the original source. So, I dumped it, and I'd suggest you do the same, if you haven't already. I went to a Fedora Core 3 install courtesy of an old "Linux for Dummies" DVD, and from there straight to Fedora 7, which it what I'm running now.

    Fedora 7 is my current favorite!

    I've tried other LiveCD's -- MEPIS, SuSE, PCLinuxOS, Morphix. I'm investigating a new release called "Mint", haven't installed it yet.

    I'm finding I like certain KDE apps, but from my formerly WinXP-centric standpoint, I like Gnome interfaces better. You can google for Gnome-based distros.

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