i want to dock the dyne folder present on the root drive (fat32) of my usb harddisk (40 GB). but its not working

everything works fine, the dock gets detected, boots for a while, and after printing : "initializing sound" (or something like that) it stops.

when i copy the same folder of dyne to my hard drive , it works without any problem . it works fine on any drive of fixed hdd :- ntfs or fat32, but not on usb

i have grub installed on fixed hdd as well as usb-hdd but booting from both have the same problem.

geexbox installed on usb-hdd is working fine.

i know that there's nothing wrong with boot preference, my usb-hdd,or anything else of that sort. it has something to do with some setting with dyne (some errant driver probably)
any kind of help/suggestions/experiences are welcome.

and sorry if its the wrong section, but i can't find any for dynabolic