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    Damn Small Linux: Rerouting the boot

    Alright, I'm on a computer that ignores the USB ports. It ignores the CD-drive, too. However, it does not ignore the floppy drive.

    I want to boot DSL after booting to a Linux distro floppy. I figured this is the only way to make the computer boot Linux.

    First off, I planned on downloading some very small floppy-disk linux distro:

    Afterwards, I thought about rebooting the computer and telling the linux distro to boot DSL from my pendrive. However, I don't know the commands for doing that. Also, I don't know if the floppy version of Linux will recognize my pendrive. I could make a CD with Damn Small Linux, which would work fine.

    The thing I primarily want to figure out is how to boot to floppy, tell the floppy distro to load from USB (or CD), and then boot up DSL for usage.

    How do I do all of this?

    I searched on the web a little, but I didn't get many ideas. I don't think others have tried this, but it seems like it would work.

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    I am not sure I understand but:
    If you want to boot your cdrom or usb via a floppy go to the damnsmall download site and download the boot.img for cdrom and or usb.

    these will allow you to boot the cdrom and install dsl or boot the usb thumb install when the bios does not support this.
    I think you need rawrite to copy the boot.img to the floppy and in windows this is done from dos not a dos prompt in windows
    If the bios supports it go to the bios and change the settings to boot either cdrom or usb. these must be the first entry to boot .
    once you can boot the dsl live cd you can use it to install to usb then boot usb install via floppy
    if you want a small floppy linux you may look at basiclinux3 it is two floppies that boots in ram and can also be installed and upgraded. or mulinux may work for you. there are lots of floppy linux specific to routing and firewalls if thats what you had in mind.
    hope that helps

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