I liked the Mepis 64 bit version and it seemed to run fine on my Acer Laptop from the live CD. I had installed Sue10.2 to a external WD Passport drive and Suse would boot up fine from it. No dual boot, just have bios read USB drives for boot up ahead of internal hard drive. However Suse didn't recognize my wireless network like Mepis did without any tweaking. So I thought i would replace the Suse with Mepis and selected to install to the existing Partitions. It seemed to install OK but couldn't find any OS when booting up. I then selected option of install to whole hard disk with grub on root. This seemed to result in creation of new partitions but same result when booting up of no OS. I then tried another install with out installing grub again and had same result.

Suse 10.2 and kubuntu on another identical external hard drive boot up fine from these external hard drives but I don't know how they do it. I think they just installed everything without asking me any questions after I said to use the whole hard drive. I would like to get Mepis to do the same thing. Any ideas of how to do this? What does a linux program need to boot up and where are these files or info located?