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    Xandros wont run in graphical mode after proper installation

    hi i have installed xandros 4 home pre in pc everthing goes good but when after instalation, pc restart it will take the command line mode instead of graphical login (commandline runlevel mode).i have install xandros 6 times again n again i dont know what happen but when i install it on my laptop it works fine like windows login desktop.
    can any one tell me how change runlevel or solve this problem.
    i think this may be the assining of libux portion onmy hard drive that is

    i have 2 partition c and d and i gave 2 gig for linux ext3 after d drive and even i tried after c drive but before d drive. what makes this differ.i have used parttion magic for this

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    I'd try starting over by deleting all partitions

    I'm guessing and I think this may cure your problems but you won't lose much if it fails. First I would delete or remove all partitions as it's hard to say what's happening with Partition Magic as I've had similar problems using Ontrack's partition software at times. So I'd delete all partitions and then have your bios boot to Xandros cd and run install. Xandros will find your hard drive and ask you if you want Xandros to create a partition and what size. If you want two partitions, simply divide the size of your hard drive or custom partition the sizes to whatever you want. Xandros will then create the partitions and then format the drive before installing Xandros OS. This should fix your problem, if not go to Xandros website and enter the support forums and you will find a lot more information with respect to Xandros. Good Luck

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