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    Freespire LiveCD problem

    Hi everyone,

    I experienced a problem with my Freespire LiveCD. I downloaded the iso file, made a bootable cd and booted my system with it. I got the blue screen with the bar and after the bar completed loading, I got pages and pages & pages of text scrolling over the blue screen telling me things like:
    [171179972.552000] cloop: error -3 uncompressing block 19345 65536/0/20853/0 4536 72173-453693026
    here are 2 pics of the screen:

    there were literally thousands of lines of similar text scrolling and then at the bottom I just got a blinking cursor and everything seemed to stop there. I tried it again and again, but the same thing.

    any idea?


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    Freespire install...

    I get the same thing trying to install on a gateway laptop. Anyone have a tip?

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    Freespire LiveCD problem

    I have noticed that a lot of the downloaded iso's seem to have a problem after being converted to Live cd's. Sometimes the problem does not get noticed straight away, but manifests as a problem in running some programs and not others. Often the install just won't work.

    The best way round this, I have found, is to buy the OS disks. If you get them from a site like On-Disk ( )you can get copies for as little as 3.00 delivered price. It just takes about 10 days to arrive. At the same time, you are supporting the developers, as they get a percentage of the sale.

    I have run 7 different distro's this way and had no problems, but a download of Ubuntu Gutsy Gibbon nearly destroyed my machine.

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    I use k3b for burning CDs. I always compare the m5checksum with the website (k3b automatically calcs this when you open click on the iso), always use verify data after write as well, and burn at minimum speed I can select. Most install CDs have a check media option - if its available I use that before install as well.

    I do this always because it takes far less time than trying to work out why things are not working ... or worst trying to restore other OS and data that got corrupted in the process of installing from bad media. Yes I learn't the lesson the hard way.:drown:

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    I dont have any problems with iso's
    I use infra recorder on the old system I use as an iso downloader/ iso server.
    also there are ads linked to different words in this forum.

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