Just wondering if I should switch over to EnGarde, from OpenSuSe 10.2.

I run a Counter-Strike 1.6/ FTP server on it and I thought maybe the switch over would improve performance and/or security.

System Specs:

  • 750mhz AMD processor
  • 512mb RAM (@ 100mhz I believe)
  • 10 GB Seagate Hard Drive
  • DVD-RW Drive
  • Matrox G400 Dual-VGA Video Card

I'm somewhat new to Linux but I would be okay with a text installer, (I ran Slackware for a few months) but I really prefer graphical installers.

I'm mostly concerned with graphics card support (so the graphical load is off the memory in the vid card) an X-Windows sytem (KDE hopefully) and RAID support because I want to implement three 40 Gb Maxtor drives I inherited from my father. BTW what's a good RAID card and could I use the 10 Gb drive along with the three 40Gb drives?

I'm not sure If I fully understand the way EnGarde works, do you control the computer only from a web browser on another PC or does it have an interface like KDE or Gnome? (Or just CLI?)

If EnGarde doesn't work, what else should I try?