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    Enlightenment Crash need help.

    Ok, so I have been using Yellowdog Linux on my PS3 for about 3 days now, and so far I am loving it. But at the same time hating it!

    so far ive installed the snes emulator and mplayer...and things have been going great...

    till today, I turn it on and try to log in...and I get "this is bad...E segfaulted...bug...etc".

    Then it gives me the choice to "rescue" or to "exit".

    rescue lets me in, only my desktop is barebones and am lucky to get on the net or open a file before a crash.

    so ive been reading around on what to do and how to fix...and found this webpage: "I found a bug in DR17, how can I provide you with some useful information?"

    but its kind of it even for the PS3 Yellowdog?

    step one says...

    Before recompiling any of the parts of EFL make sure you add -g to your compile flags. This can be done by running the following command:

    export CFLAGS=-g

    run it where? so I open gnome terminal...try it there...doesnt seem to do then I go on to step 2...

    Now for each of the libraries and e do:

    make clean distclean
    make install

    but I get "file not found" yadda yadda yadda.

    what gives? Can enlightenment fix itself? or am I forced to debug it somehow....

    if anyone can help Id appreciate it. thanks

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    Ok, I think I know my problem...

    the night before it started crashing, I had changed the parameters on the "Tclock" ... basically the strftime. Does anyone know a command to fix this?

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