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    Damn Small Linux

    I am a complete noob to linux, having been using it for about an hour. I installed it on a secondary 2gb hard drive I had, called G: in windows. I wanna know how I can view files from thumbdrives and in (previously in wodws) C:.

    How do I do this?

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    You need to mount the file system:

    Drive C: should be /dev/hda1
    hda stands for the first disk and hda1 for the first partition on the first disk

    Thumbdrives should be /dev/sda

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    Thankyou, that really helped. Im trying to install a rpm file, but I don't think I have the red hat thingo, coz when I type in man rpm it says it's not installed. What do I do?

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    Damn Small Linux is 'debian' based and i suggest you to install .deb packages only.
    you can convert .rpm to .deb format with 'alien'.
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