Hi everyone,

I use my pc mostly to make music and i'm very intrigued by Linux multimedia applications and would love to give it a go but i've got this problem with the sound which is obviously stopping me to do anything

Soundcard is an M-audio Delta audiophile 192, the on-board souncard is disabled, i've moved all the switches in KMix, tried all the soundsystems and the sound is always distorted. The strange thing is, even if i turn the mixer volume down to 0 the sound still comes out like that. Still, if i press mute in amarok or Mplayer it mutes it

This happens also with Kubuntu and many other distros, but somehow it doesn't happen with Mepis and i noticed that in the Mepis KMix my card is recognized as Audiophile 192 instead that iceensemble 1724 like on PCLOS and the other distros.

I haven't yet installed the distro, i'm using the live cd, since i'm not too keen to install with this problem, i'd like to sort this out first.

Thanks a ot for any help