I don`t no if this is theright place to post here, if this is the wrong place feel free to remove it or to move it to the right place.
I downloadet StartCom Multimedia DVD, and when it finished 99.9% of the download the download crashed, then I clicked on resume, but everytime it again crashed, so i could not finished the download.
Now I havethe bad feeling that i can only download cd`s, but never DVD`s, why? i don`t no. It is not the first time this is happen to me.
Now I could not find any Cd`s from the newest StartCom Multimedia, only DVD.
Then I thought to buy it, but this is very expensive, I mean 25 dollars is notexpensive for us citicenc, but formy country it is alot of money, so now am no sure why i can`t finish never the DVD download, but only CD download?
Hopefully someone can tell me what could bethe reason and what could I do?