I've been using Linux for about 3 years, always on a joint system with Windows 98. I started with Ubuntu, then got LinuxPro magazine and tried out their copies of JuegaLinex, which didn't work how I wanted it to. I switched back, and mainly used windows for about a year. Then, i got another dvd from LinuxPro: Xandros 4. In the Ubuntu disc I got, there simply was no 'make' and no C compiler. JuegaLinex I stopped because it had no dictionary installed for OpenOffice, which started to get annoying.
None of this time did that computer have internet access- and since I am a teenage boy, my parents won't let me get it. I use the school and library computers to download packages I need onto a USB drive- but I can't access Xandros Networks. I need some help finding a way to compile the Gimp. P&TW.