All I can offer is my experience. I have a HP lappy and it came installed with Vista. That is what drove me to try linux. I tried several distros as suggested to find one that worked well for me. Mepis was the one that worked best on my laptop. The new version of Mepis has enhanced Vista detection. What this will mean to you is if you want to duel boot, as I do, it will detect your vista operating (or non-operating, depending on the day) system. I find Mepis to be a very comfortable system, and only boot into Vista when there is something I haven't yet got down in linux. I spend 90% or better of my time in linux. For this laptop, Mepis just pretty much worked out of the box. You can set up your wireless network using Mepis network assistant (you can see if this will work using the live boot CD). I didn't have much luck with network manager, but that may have just been this lappy. If you are debating a change to linux and considering Mepis, try getting the latest version, as that will help you out with your Vista duel boot.
Have fun!! Because it is!