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    please suggest a distro

    good day/afternoon/evening to all, I have been for the last few days trying to find a suitable distro for my old PC. This is a 700MHz celeron, with 320MB of RAM. Could anyone please suggest something that i can install to this heap of junk? I currently have damn small linux installed to it, and ive tried slax, xubuntu, freespire, pclinuxos, and puppy. ofcourse out of those distros the lighter ones worked better, the only problem is that when you install slax, or dsl or whatever, any changes you make are lost when you reboot. I really want a full hard drive install that doesn't require backing up or anything like that in order to keep your stuff the way you left it. please bare in mind that this is an old PC, and i want a graphical desktop, but something light like fluxbox or xfce


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    I decided in the end to go with arch, it looks fairly lightweight, despite it being just over 500MB, I am assured it will run fairly smoothly given my hardware, idealy I want to eventualy use this PC as a media centre (by media centre i mean playing DVDs, divx movies, music, and perhaps stuff over the network, no TV!) so really it seems stupid using a bloated distro when all i want to do is play videos and music, i tried dyne, but again, this is a livecd and a hd install isn't a "real" linux install!

    anyway i'm waffling, thanks for the reply

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    It is best to try a few and find what works best for your situation. older hardware can be an issue but you should find DSL as a hard disk install is quick on those specs and will not require backup/restore. the frugal install is what you must be useing or just running the live cd.
    I added the gmplayer, xine and codecpak for dvd viewing and use xmms to play cd and mp3, these may be found in the dsl repository. if you find playback choppy, try turning on dma, add a swap file or add more ram if possible.
    you may also look at feather (small knoppix like dsl ) and puppy. as small live cd with option to install. I like DSL.. have fun

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