Whenever I log into a user account the powersave daemon fails... at login I get an error message 'the powersaved daemon has failed, starting it may improve performance and yada yada yada'... so I tried to start it manually by changing to the /etc/init.d directory and typing at the prompt 'sudo ./powersaved start'... once again I get an error message saying the powersaved daemon has failed???... why can't I start this manually???... as a result I have to login as root or the processor while eventually overheat (the powerave daemon works fine when I'm logged in as root)... I've installed several versions of powersave and have the same problem in the user account but the root account always functions properly... does anyone have any idea of where to begin to fix this?... oh, by the way I'm using MEPIS 3.4.3 AND I've seen this problem listed in the SuSE forums but I since I'm using MEPIS I hope this isn't considered a repeat question AND they never really solved it in the other forum... thanks.