I have tried two different ways of installing ATI drivers:
1) Using Synaptic and getting the ati drivers and required dependencies. After installing, it asks me to reboot. When it starts to load up, the screen goes black (not even to text only mode, just plain black).
2) Following the tutorial here. When I get to the part about running xfdrake --auto, I do that, and it tries to download some stuff from the repositories and fails. I also tried aticonfig --initial, and it gives a very odd error, a bunch of memory info, and says aborted. If I try to reboot at this point, it spits me out to console when KDE (I assume the X system then) is started. If I change back to the old xorg.conf (backed up) it is fine, but its just the original mesa stuff, not the ati drivers.

Sorry if this is not enough info. I'm not sure where to start with posting errors, so if someone would tell me what they would need, I can post it for them.