Please I have a problem with my new CentOS 4.0 install. The NIC (Intel Pro/1000) is not detected upon bootup.

even in the /etc/sysconfig/network-scripts DIR, 'ifcfg-eth0' isnt found.

The command 'kudzu' results in nothing. The next prompt just appears. However Kudzu is 'installed' and 'running'. I tried adding an 'eth0 e1000' alias to my modprobe.conf file, and rebooting. Upon rebooting, I can see an NIC in my network configuration screen, however, after adding an IP address etc, and trying to 'activate', I get an 'eth0' is not present, cannot be detected........."

'dmesg' shows no reason for alarm. I can see the line with Intel Pro/1000 ethernet......

pls help.