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Thread: Xbox project

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    Xbox project

    Is Gentoox the only linux distro for the Xbox? I have the idea of turning my xbox into a router capable of providing an IP address to my laptop through a LAN. Is such a thing possible? how hard would it be to do something like that? How about some feedback people? I appreciate any thoughts you might have about this project, thx.
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    You can look at this site X-DSL.

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    ryptyde reply

    Thx for the tip about X-DSL. I have been trying to decide on what Distro to put on my xbox. The biggest factor is having virtual console support because I want to try this virtual firewall idea I am kicking around. Also I have a question about my xbox. There is only one ethernet port on the machine and my project would require at least 3 ports. Would I be able to find an xbox compatible motherboard that has 3 to 4 ethernet ports? A friend of mine asked me about gutting a router and putting it inside my xbox by mounting it to the case extension above the hard drive and disk drive but I do not have any clue on how all of that would work. How wouls i integrate that router hardware to the motherboard. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.

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