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    Another noob and his "I can't connect to the internet" problems!

    Right, I'm running Mepis dual boot with Vista and giving the better part of my hd to Mepis. I've tried Ubuntu, PClinux OS etc. and I've had one common problem with them all. I can't connect to the internet. I'm hooked up to a netopia modem/router through a usb. Please please please save me from saying "F**k it!" and running back to windows!

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    I wouldn't go running back to Windows just yet, but I'd get rid of that USB setup and go with LAN. Your modem has the option of using LAN or USB?
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    If LAN is not possible, check if your ISP gives you the possibility of a dialup connexion in case that the high speed connexion doesnt work. (My ISP does it)
    If yes, open your synaptic and search for modem related packages (if any for your modem) or visit your modem website to see if they have a linux driver.

    A friend of mine solved this problem in this way. With the dialup connexion we downloaded a .rpm driver for his olitec modem, we made a .deb package for his ubuntu distro (with the program alien) and then installed it. The problem was that we should write a script for the driver to be loaded on startup. (With the instructions of the site we could make it, but all that is not a job for a newbie of course.

    If you cannot go in this way, buy a linux compatible modem and forget Windows for ever.

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    cheers for the help, I'll give the drivers a go!

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    Definitly stay away from windows, but I would also try everything I could before resorting to dial-up. Have you check to make sure your router doesnt have any ACL's set up denying you from getting to the internet and have you checked your log files to see if you can find any errors.

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    Persistence ... !

    Not only have mepis folks gotten on the internet thru usb modems

    I once went to a house programmed a usb wireless network card to connect to
    another usb cable modem....

    It's not only possible but being done daily....

    Just gotta jump in there and stick with it ...
    Anything worth anything takes a little effort..

    It's easy to give in to the "doze evil"....that's what their hoping for LOL


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