I have a GRML-Small CD and I have a bit weird problem. I can't see all the
files on my CDs when I unmount the GRML-Small CD and mount some other disk. I tried one CD and one DVD on two computers with the same results. On the CD I can see just some 13 files and I can't see any files on the DVD. They work ok with Ubuntu. USB works with no problems too. It would be nice to know if someone has had the same kind of problem (not seeing all the files on a cd) on some other distros too, and especially if someone knew how to fix it.

I'd really need this feature because I'd like to have a clone-CD to make many
clones from my harddrives. I know there's different distros for that but they
don't have SMP and X86_64 activated, and I failed building the kernel myself.
So do you happen to have any idea why I can't see those files?

Thx, Lassi

Edit: Mounting a .iso file from a usb-stick worked perfectly too...