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    Password problem

    The password I use for root works in the terminal, and the login at boot but it doesn't in the root logins for applications such as OS center and Synaptic. It just started rejecting them.

    I reset the unix password in the root terminal, but it didn't make any difference in the application login.

    Where does the application store the password and can I edit that to restore it ?

    Thanks a lot

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    which password is rejected by synaptic your user password or your root password?
    and did you try to run these program by using

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    Hi - thanks for the response:

    Synaptic asks for root. There another application that has the same login screen that asks for root login. All of them reject the one that works in terminal.

    Then I tried everything - same results.

    No I never tried the sudo command, but I'll see what that does.

    I had just clicked to open a menu item.


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    This posts a reply after a few months but it may help a newbie like me. I hit this problem with the root password using virtual box on the laptop and a full drive installation on a desktop. After reinstalling from the CD I hit the same problem - ( same password.) Theory - the key combinations I was using was altering the password between running it from live and installing it for a uk keyboard (@dm1n). So I used a really simple password instead. That worked without using sudo.

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