Running PCLinuxOS (for the time being - it's unstable and fully hangs(!) often so I'm switching soon). Wireless card is a Linksys WMP54GS, using ndiswrapper and WinXP drivers from the CD I got with the NIC.

My wireless has a tendency of dropping off completely. It might just be an occasional dropping of the signal - the card itself seems to be staying on at all times, but the connection is lost. Sometimes it seems that even the interface itself (not just the connection) is shutting down. My roommates and I have no problems staying connected to the router with other operating systems/on other computers, so the router's working fine. Modem works fine, too, after a bit of wrestling with our ISP to get a modem that actually works.

Sometimes I can fix the connection when I bring up a new connection via PCLinuxOS's wireless net configuration tool, but sometimes this doesn't work. Often I have to restart X (seldom even a full reboot), relaunch ndiswrapper, and then go into the configuration to make the connection.

Any ideas what might be wrong? Where do I go to start troubleshooting this? Is there a reconnection daemon that I might use so that I don't leave for class and come home to yet another dead connection (and undownloaded torrents)?

PS - how can I get ndiswrapper to launch on boot? It doesn't seem to be launching and I need to manually start it as root upon starting X, even though the verbose output when the system boots claims the module is already part of the kernel. I've searched in vain for PCLOS's modules config file.