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    PCLinuxOS 2007 : help with taskbar

    hi, I need some help restoring my taskbar. I was trying to close a non-responding program with CTRL-ALT-ESC but accidentally killed the taskbar also. Can anyone tell me how to make it appear again plz. Thnx 4 ur help.

    I managed 2 get the taskbar back. I searched a bit in the in-built help n found the answer there! I'll post the solution here 4 ppl who may have the same problem n r looking 4 an answer. So, here it is:

    Open a terminal program like Konsole
    Type in "kicker" (without quotes).
    You don't need 2 be root 2 do this.
    The taskbar will appear again.

    An interesting thing I noticed is that the list of applications is displayed in another way that it was initially, but u can change it in Control Center, but i personally think its better this way.
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    Welcome to the forums!

    Try this and if it doesn't work, let us know and we'll try something else:

    Chapter 5. The panel

    Edit: oops... looks like you found it while I was putting my post together.

    Don't hesitate to start new threads with any other questions.

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    yeah i managed 2 find the solution, but thnx anyway 4 the effort, i appreciate.
    n great resource page u provided in the link , btw
    thnx again oz.

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