Currently I'm running a minimal install of ubuntu+xfce on an old ibm 600e (upgraded RAM to 320mb). I want to test out DSL and PCLinuxOS TinyMe on the machine to see how they fair comparatively but I can't get either to connect to the internet.

I've tried everything I can think of. My card is a PCMCIA atheros based card (D-Link G630) and DSL picks it up at boot but going through all the iwconfig doesn't get me any closer to online. I've done iwconfig and iwlanconfig and neither seems to work.
-SID <my network>
-WEP <my network is a WPA hex> but I've used the wpa_supplicant <sid> <password> setup but I can't get it to then find a DHCP and connect.
I've also tried to connect to my neighbors unsecure network using his channel, and SID and no password. I get the light signal that it connects for about 2 seconds then it goes back to searching and then nothing.

Is there something I'm missing? I don't think I need ndiswrapper for DSL since the card lights up at boot.

But for PCLOS TinyMe, I don't get the lights... which suggests (at least to me) that I'll need ndiswrapper. I'm a bit of a noob (although I'm doing my best to learn quickly) so any help you can offer would be great. PCLOS doesn't recognize my PCMCIA NIC card either so going connecting and downloading madwifi wouldn't work either. Any other options?

I'm looking to see if I should swap the distro I'm currently running for one of these two. DSL is great, fast and only uses about 21MB of RAM at startup (mine is about 60MB). TinyMe is a little better than mine (at least in LiveCD mode at ~54MB) But I know mine has a bit of a memory leak (after a couple of hours of use it ups to about 80-85MB idle) so I'm hoping for a more 'official' distro will be leane and solve some of these issues, and help with some of my sluggishness. And I've tried almost EVERY other lightweight distro. I can't get a Fluxbuntu LiveCD every copy I make is only an install only disc and I can't tell the difference or figure out what I'm doing wrong. Tried Puppy and thats fine, but would still like to test these.

Sorry for the long rant, but I tried to give as much background info as possible.