had pclos on wireless, but had to go to dialup and get modem ,and it seemed usbs ,not a good idea,anyway got zoom usb 3095 from usa,$au 28.00 all up.works no problem, however found out before ,that needs kernel 2.6.20 + and pclos is 2.6.18, so got newer kernel before i lost wireless, but as one tends to do, if playing around with different distros,lost pclos altogether,had to install again ,but of course now didnt have 2.6.20,after a lot of trying to download and burn etc,had pclos gnome which is 2.6.22,so installed on same patition as pclos by not reformating when asked, so now got pclos back with 2.6.22 and all the gnome stuff as well .my prob with gnome is cant find dial up tool after u put modem drivers on ,with kde u got KPPP no problem. tried wvdial in ubuntu and others but cant get to work so im happy with kppp and think PCLOS is easier to use coming from wingate than ubuntu