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    PCLinuxOS occasional hanging up

    I have PCLOS 2007, still new to any linux operating system, but occasionally when booting, sometimes frequently, it hangs up while booting.

    If I look at verbose mode to see where it is hanging up, its right after it sets hostname to localhost, it does this OK and wont go any further, I have to keep shutting it off and restarting it, eventually it will load.

    Anyone experienced this problem or have any ideas what is causing it.

    or sugestions to remedy the problem.

    Thanks to all

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    heres an interesting find

    LOL, kinda an update, dont know why this helps my problem, but PCLOS seems to like my USB flash drive, if I boot with the flash drive in, it doenst seem to hang up, strange, I didnt instal PCLOS with the flash drive in, but if it helps, guess I will leave it plugged in. LOL

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    Problem solved!

    I finally think I have solved my problem, its boots now with or without the flash drive plugged in.

    I logged into the control center and configured the boot processes, obviously, being new to linux if I wasnt sure I didnt mess with it..LOL

    I shut off laptop mode, cause im on a desktop
    I shut off the wait for hotplugged network to be ready, since it didnt apply.
    And I think I shut off a couple others related to the Laptop battery monitoring.

    A few simple settings and it boots pretty dang quick.

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    nice one mate congratulations

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