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    Upgrade question, PCLinuxOS 2007

    Hi, I was just wondering about the updates in synaptics for PCLOS 2007. If I go in there and click mark all upgrades, it shows me what will be removed and what will be installed, is this a good idea to do? I have seen some posts here with people having issues when upgrading there distro, is this the best way to upgrade or is there another way.

    Thanks for the help!

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    Synaptic is a default Package Manager of PCLinuxOS and it will resolve dependencies, upgrade packages without any problem. Dont worry about update.
    You will have to re-install Graphics Driver if you have Nvidia or ATI Graphics Card.
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    Updates do sometimes break a machine, but if you need or want the updates you should go for it because of the fixes, new features, and security enhancements they often provide. Even if your machine does break, it's often easy to fix the problem.

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    Just to add to what has already been said here, certain pieces of software may become deprecated and may be upgraded with better replacements. Like Ozar said, you are probably safe to go but any errors you do face are most likely easy to remedy. That said, I do encourage you to make a backup in case you are still worried. It can't hurt to have a backup anyway .

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    Thanks for the replies, I still have the original live CD anyway, I havent really added anything yet except for Frostwire and a flash player update, so if it does crash it, I still have my original install CD.

    I changed video cards once, and then it would boot to the command prompt, all I did then was boot from CD and reinstall the system files without re-doing the partitions and that took care of the problem. Pretty sure, as long as I have my live cd, it wont crash too bad. LOL

    Thanks for the responses!

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    That figures, I decide to upgrade, its probably the wrong time for Sprint Mobile Broadband..LOL, it seems to be extremely slow, downloading 580 files is gonna take forever!

    Like most any internet, when there is a ton of people on during peak times, it bogs down pretty good.

    I did cancel and restart once, and it would appear that it saves the files already downloaded and resumes from where it left off at. thats always a good thing!

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    It appears all is good!

    It took like 10hrs to download, but I just left it running. When I came home from work, It had some warning messages from the instal, but it seems OK.

    I reloaded synaptics, and it said something about 2 versions of HAL, so I looked at both of them and removed the one with the lower version number, and then restarted, everthing works, so it looks like it was a good upgrade.

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