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    Question how do i best install pclinuxos on a CF card via ide adapter

    i a have new old pc i have inherited from work and want to install pclinuxos onto a cf card via an ide adapter. i had done it once before a couple of years ago and cannot remember how i did it but do know it worked best with no swap file.
    i would like to know the best way to do it.
    the machine is an ibm think centre with 3.0 ht p4 with 1 gig ram.
    it was used as a server and has a dead sata drive in it but everything else works so the plan is cf card in cf card adapter, install using ext2 file system, no swap partition and load the whole os into ram.
    to enhanced version of the idea is the same but run main os from an internal cf drive but have an external usb drive a swop area so when it dies it easy to renew or alternately i am open to suggestions.
    perhaps at this point i should mention i have been given a box of mostly used at most a dozen times high speed 133x cf cards between 1 and 4 gig in size and have two dual cf card holders and two spare ide ports going begging too!
    so if i shoould be doing something different let me know!
    i seem to remember there was an linux os were every program had its own partition which sounds like a good idea if i only had four programs! but perhaps 4 groups of programs could be grouped together in some logical fashion?

    any help, thoughts , tips or advice would be appreciate.
    I will get time to do it this month as i wont be going out as i have no money! so speady response would be greatly appeciated

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    Not PCLOS. Not CF card. But this is my Tutorial for full install to external solid state drive (SD flash) with screenshots.

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