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    load Ramdisk on PC using GRUB

    Dear expert!
    Iam needing to implement the linux kernel on PC like on Embedded system.
    So I need using root file system in Ram and not mount rootfs to hardisk, with bootloader is Grub..
    When I load ramdisk in PC, is there any additional configurations in kernel which specify for using ramdisk.
    If possible, can you talk to me more about how to configure the kernel to use ramdisk.

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    Hi mayzone, you're in the wrong part of the forum, mate. Sorry, but this is PClinuxOS-specific. Your post is also vague and lacking in all the details.

    Also, an embedded Linux solution on a uController is quite different to running on a PC.

    I suggest that you Google solutions first, then come back for specific info. Good luck.
    Respectfully... Sarlac II
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