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    Cannot play music CD

    I cannot reproduce a music CD when inserted in the CD/DVD unit. There is no problem when I go to Youtube and reproduce music. When I insert a music CD I get a menu for openenig the media with Brasero or the File Manager. I think this is related to a change that I made in BIOS in order to boot first with the CD/DVD, then with the Hard Drive. But I don't know how to sove it. Please advice. Thank you.

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    When I put a music CD in the drive with PCLinux, I get a pop-up menu indicating Audio CD with five choices: vlc, extract, play audio with kscd, copy with k3b or open with file manager. I'm using kde so your options will be different.

    Brasero is used for burning CD/DVD and would indicate that you are using gnome. I would suggest you go to the menu and mouse up to sound to see what you have. You may need to go to Synaptic and install something. I don't use gnome so I don't know what options you will have.

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    Thank you yancek for your post. I will see in sound. Regards.

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    I assume that you are using Gnome, open up Nautilus file manager and choose Edit > Preferences. In the "File Management Preferences" window that appears, navigate to the "Media" tab. Under this tab there is a section at the top called "Media Handling" where you can set actions for various media - just choose the appropriate application to open your audio CD's.

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    Thank you nixblog. I have PclinuxOS 2011 LXDE with PCManFM File Manager. I will apply it. I believe that should be the solution. I will post the result tonight.

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    I solve it installing Audacious. When I insert a music CD, now I obtain a menu for Brasero, Audacious and PCManFM.
    I did not find a media option in PCManFM. I installed Nautilus and found the option you mentioned, then opened Nautilus from Terminal, since it did not appear in Desktop, and when I inserted the music CD two actions were initiated, one through PCManFM with the menu above mentioned, and another from Nautilus opening the music CD.
    Since I did not know how to make Nautilus prevalent and to appear in Desktop, I opted for the PCManFM solution.
    Now I have to figure out how to obtain the web identification for the album..... shouldn't be that hard......
    I am trying and learning.....

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