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    Long Term Support

    Hello !

    I apologize for asking here, I couldn't find the information on the official PCLinuxOS website.

    Please, would you know how long the PCLinuxOS distros are supported, before users have to upgrade to a newer version ?

    I'm preparing my wife's aunt's transition to Linux, as her 7-year old WindowsXP laptop reaches the end of WindowsUpdate lifetime.

    As an old lady, it's already a chance she wants to have a Linux operating system (probably because of her past jobs, she's quite open to the subject), but I don't want to impose on her an operating system that would need to be renewed every 18 or 36 months. If she stayed with WinXP for so long, it's for a single reason : "it works, why change something that works for something else ?" -- Efficiency and simplicity over glitter, and once it's running, refusal to change for change's sake.
    I consider myself lucky she accepted there would be an initial learning curve, haha.

    For the moment, I'm headed towards an Ubuntu derivate, using a 5-year LTS version. Ubuntu itself might be too hard as a learning curve, and too heavy for her machine. If Kubuntu isn't too heavy for her old laptop that will be Kubuntu, otherwise Xubuntu, maybe...
    I'd be vouching for PCLinuxOS with KDE desktop, that looks enough like WinXP to smoothen the learning curve, but, well, there's the duration of support issue.

    Thanks if you can tell me

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    I believe PCLOS is a rolling release distro which means that as long as you regularly apply the updates, you will always be up to date.
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    Quote Originally Posted by elija View Post
    I believe PCLOS is a rolling release distro which means that as long as you regularly apply the updates, you will always be up to date.
    Yep, but the operating system might be subject to huge changes as a new version of the desktop or of the whole distro is released. An experience I wish to spare to my wife's aunt, this is why I'm after distributions with a long support lifecycle...

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    I couldn't find the information on the official PCLinuxOS website.
    I don't know what search terms you used but the link below explains that PCLinuxOS is indeed a 'rolling release' with no need for upgrades. Explained in detail in the link below.

    Update Your PCLinuxOS - PCLinuxOShelp Knowledge Base

    You might check the PCLinuxOS site below for the minimum hardware requirements. Scroll down toward the bottom of the page for the KDE4 requirements.

    FullMonty Desktop PCLinuxOS

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    I believe that in about 2009, PCLOS required everyone to install a new version. I was not using pclos at the time, but I just read about that somewhere. Since then, I started using pclos in 2010,
    and there has been no need to reinstall. However, if you wanted to go to the 64-bit version, you would have to install that--AFAIK, there was no upgrade from 32-bit to 64-bit. Both are currently
    You intimated that there might be a hardware capability problem. If that's the case, you should try the lxde version instead of KDE. It also looks much like Windows, and you can install the
    same apps as in KDE--the repos are the same. The KDE 32-bit version runs well with 2GB ram on an older Dell laptop. You _don't_ want Full Monte--that's a hippopotamus compared to the others!
    Right at this moment, the pclos website has been hacked, and they are temporarily (I hope!) unavailable.

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    Hello, and thanks for everybody's help, I am grateful

    Sorry about the misunderstanding, I had misunderstood the meaning of "rolling release", my bad !

    Eventually, I transitioned the old lady to Xubuntu, as soon as I added Whisker and ten minutes of customization, she felt totally at home, so I'm really glad to have made possible a smooth transition like that

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