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    how to exclude from wheel?

    How do I set a nonroot account as wheel or not? I have a user account for myself and another user account for guest, in case I want to lend my laptop to someone, and one should be in the wheel group but the other should not be.

    If Configure Your Computer is the portal for that purpose and I have to be in root to do it, the only way I can go to root in a GUI is in recovery mode and Configure Your Computer, which is available in four places (in the start menu, among Favorites, in the wineglass menu, and in the bottom panel), doesn't open in that mode. When I try, its icon appears in the bottom panel only long enough to dance ten times before disappearing.

    If I can use only the CLI and then should use usermod, I either didn't see any relevant option or didn't understand which one to use and how.

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    Login as root and edit /etc/group and add/remove the user from the wheel entry. You would use an editor such a vi/vim or gedit to do that. That's the geeky way to do it. Also, your user account control GUI should also let you do that once you authenticate as root.
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    That showed it. Nothing's in wheel and, now that root GUI is working with Internet access and I was able to do upgrades, I don't need to edit that. Interestingly, my openSuse machine also has no one in wheel and yet I do updates from a nonroot user and that works. None of this needs fixing on either machine. Thank you.

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