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    bug: too much truncation in wineglass menu

    In the 2016 FullMonty root GUI, the wineglass menu (I don't know what else to call it but it's just to the right of the Application Launcher Menu), when Applications is selected, under Favorites, offers two icons called "Configure Your". That's all they're called, because they're truncated. I suggest either editing the displayed text for clarity, widening the column, or letting users drag-widen it.

    I can't submit a bug report, so it's here. I hope it's helpful.

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    What is the resolution of your on-screen display, and the system display itself? It may be that the GUI doesn't think there is enough "real estate" to fully display the menu entries. What GUI are you using?
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    So you have been using Linux for 4 days and already found 6 bugs.
    the only reply you will get here are half-baked attempts to help (half-baked because you are not providing enough information, and because your "bug:..." titles suggest you are a complainer) and snide remarks like mine.

    if you really want some help with your problem, re-think your attitude and re-phrase your initial problem.

    if you really think you found a bug, do this:
    1. find out if it's a bug with the software installed, or with pclinuxos. in other words, find out where the bug report has to go.
    2. open an account with the bug tracker in question and file the bug. with all required attachments.

    in either case, read this:
    How To Ask Questions The Smart Way

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    @Rubberman: I plan to get to this soon. Thank you.

    @nihili: Your post seems to be identical to your post at "bug: screen redraw seems bad after print screen", to which I replied there.

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    Since this is a laptop and not a cell phone, the menu or entries should have been right-sized easily enough for a display that's normal on even a small laptop, and mine is reported as a 1440x900 flat panel which I haven't resized. This was probably just too minor to notice during edition pre-release testing or if an app was added after testing.

    I'm using KDE. The other desktop environments are pretty much irrelevant.

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