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    Kompare and kdiff3 not available in repo's... ?

    Hi all

    Is it just me, or are kompare and kdiff3 no longer available in the PCLOS repo's? I am looking for the right-click integration into Dolphin... it's on my work laptop, running the same PCLOS 2017 version (although not patched with the all the latest updates). So weird!

    Thinking of doing a Synaptic Upgrade All, and then looking again. But I have had problems with KDE failing to install after I do that (have tested on a few machines recently, and KDE wiped out - I had to convert to running from XFCE etc.).

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    thanks for the question.
    Ummmm if it is not in YOUR repos then it is probably not "in the repos" for your particular installation.

    Synaptic Upgrade All is a wonderful thing but it is going to hunt for what you have and what you used to have .... I've done it... but...

    You are trying to mix XFCE and KDE....

    I've done the whole thing with both... and ...well........ they are apples and orangutangs ( not oranges! )

    It may be that Synaptic, since it actually just does what you tell it to do as opposed to other package managers which try to tell you what "they" want... sees a problem but does not know how to report the problem.

    Usually that ends up with a borked system when one is trying to reconcile two such recondite OSs.

    just some thoughts and of very little worth.


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