I just purchased a new ssd to replace my hdd of the same size. I tried using Clonzilla v. 2.2.3-25 which is advertised to work with uefi systems (which I have) to clone my hdd to the ssd. With the new ssd on a usb connection, I started Clonzilla and selected the "device to device" setting and selected the source and target devices. It ran briefly and stopped with the following messages:
"Non GRUB boot loader found on /tmp/ocs_onthefly_local.Mjnb7T/sdb-mbr... The CHS value of hard drive from EDD will be used for sfdisk."
"Kernel EDD (sysfs interface to bios EDD (enhanced disk device) information) not supported".
Then it asked if I was sure I wanted to continue?
Do I?
I don't think that ver 2.2.3-25 is the absolute latest. It still should work. Right?