Since PCL:inuxOS 2016 FullMonty was okay, I decided to replace it with the 2018 version some months ago (I forgot the date). Result: Disappointment. I replaced it with Fedora 28 (since then, 29). Here's what was wrong:

FileZilla did not install properly. I forgot if FileZilla came with PCLinuxOS 2018 or if I opted to add it using PCLinuxOS (in other words not manually installing it myself), but it was misinstalled with PCLinuxOS and I had no idea how to fix it. How I learned it was misinstalled is in <>.

The list of networks was at least 169 networks long, evidently because whenever the OS is exposed to a network it never forgets it. I travel around the city, so the OS remembering them has not been useful. And the 169 is all my viewport width showed me. Maybe there are more. It should trim the list to what's available locally.

Panel menus have their submenus opening to the right. When there's too little real estate on the right, or none at all, I can't read the menu items, or a couple of menu items are identical because they're truncated by the viewport. That's sometimes critical.

The time and date apparently cannot be added to the bottom panel at the desktop. This is not critical but annoying.

Both nonroot accounts have the same penguin icon. I tried changing it multiple times but the penguin always came right back.

That was enough for me. I have to be able to do my work.

I've learned that bug reports are less than welcome at the PCLinuxOS website. I wanted to post this somewhere right after the problems but apparently there was a problem at this forum, a problem that seems to have been fixed now, which is nice. Hopefully, the PCLinuxOS designers read this forum.