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    Live USB with PClinuxOS

    I have a nice LiveUSB running from my 2Gb USB flash memory drive!

    Here are the instructions just in case it is useful to someone.

    My PCLinuxOS


    PCLinuxOS is probably one of the best distros

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    To jorge911:
    I can't tell you how I really enjoyed your post, Jorge. I wish everyone would write and explain as well as you do. Although I don't have a Brother printer, I saw how well you presented a simple step by step procedure. Being a newbie, your pesentation makes me wish I had a Brother so I could follow your steps. I wish I could enjoy the fine experience you've had with Livecd Pclinuxos, but I haven't even been able to download it yet. My first try was at at this URL:

    and used this download server:

    USA ( [+]

    And after waiting 3 hrs for the download to finish, I opened the “Boot” file and it was empty. I’m new to Linux and this kind of made me perk up my antenna so to speak. How in the world can this be a live cd if it has zilch in the boot file? I had spent a lot of time reading all the comments, forums, etc. and this kind of disappointed me. One guy on the Linux forum said to adjust my bios. I said to myself, “What???”. Is this guy serious or is he a hacker trying to screw up a newbie? I was born at night, but I wasn’t born last night. This is supposed to be a livecd download. Not livebios adjust. I’m trying to get away from Microsoft for these same kinds of run around problems causing a lot of time wasting. I tried again to download from a different URL:
    Azureus Beta 12 Free Download - Softpedia

    After another 3 hours, the download completed and a pop-up says there was an error in the download.

    Can you or someone else direct me to a download site that will give me a livecd of Pclinuxos that is dependable for a change. I just downloaded Azureus ( a download checker) which I hope will help get the job done correctly. I would like to enjoy the Linux experience that you and many others have had with PClinuxos. Can you help me and direct me to a reliable download site? If no luck this time, I’ll just have to stay with MS$. Thank you.

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    Downloading PCLinuxOS (to jim simon)

    Hi Jim!

    I'm glad that you enjoyed my blog with the instructions for PCLinuxOS, my liveUSB and the Brother configuration!

    About the downloading of PCLinuxOS, I have to say that I did have problems also. If I remember well, I think it was the third time around that I managed to burn the ISO file of PCLinuxOS. The trick was to use the server from which more downloads have been performed following the say that too many people cannot be wrong

    This server "USA ( [+]" have had 9937 downloads as of now, so I think I used that...

    Good luck and happy getting way from Microsoft!

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    Once again thanks, I'll give it a shot.

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    Hi Jorge:
    No sabia que hablas Espanol. Anyway, I’m studying the steps on “Creating a LiveUSB PCLinuxOS” and I have a few questions before I attempt to do this. Can you briefly clarify how you “open a terminal” as stated in step 4 below?

    4. Open a terminal and type "fdisk -l" (without the quotes obviously)

    Is there an option to select one of many terminals (what's a terminal ?) and if so which would you recommend?

    2nd question:

    After typing "fdisk /dev/sdx", will the menu appear automatically or do I need to press “Enter” after every entry or do I click the space bar?

    5. Type "fdisk /dev/sdx" (replacing x with your flash drive letter).
    It will appear a menu where you will type:

    3rd question:

    In the phrase below, “ "p" to so the current partitions”, is the word “so” spelled correctly? I don’t understand how to so etc. Does the “d” go immediately after the “p”, such as “pd” + enter + Delete?

    1. "p" to so the current partitions on the usb drive. Then type "d" + enter + the number of the partition to delete them all

    4th question:

    In the following steps numbered 2, 3, and 4 , will the there be prompts that appear between each step or will the final result appear as “np1” ? Is there a cursor or does one have to use the space bar, right arrow, left arrow, etc to position all these letters and numbers?

    5th question:

    If for some reason, at any time, I want to safely stop what I’m doing, how do I safely exit without harming anything in the system? Do I click Escape ?

    Final question:

    Can this process be used for Live CD Knoppix and other linux distros or only for Live CD PCLinuxOS?

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    can you point me to a place where it shows how to back up your configuration and install programs to your usb? i tried dsl but found no info what so ever on how to do this. i dont want it to save my config every time (to prolong the life of my memstick) but just have it done once and it will load it every time. if this is possible it would be wonderful.

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    Live USB with PClinuxOS

    Hi Dracule:
    To get to the point, Iím just as lost as you are. Every time I try to do something with Linux, I run into brick walls. For example, I thought all my problems were solved when the Live CDís. It is said by all the sites promoting this, that you could just put the CD in the drive, turn on the computer, and it boots automatically. I downloaded Knoppix 5.0.1 to see what would happen. After that was downhill. You canít connect to the Internet, you canít write anything on any Office programs. Nothing works to sum it up. You have to install the program into a USB or the hard disc drive. Then I began researching how to put this on a USB, and again ran into all kinds of negative things. For example, if you have a stick greater than 1 gig., the bios of the computer might give problems. The computer only recognizes USB-HDD. However, some recognize USB-Zip. Anyway you go around in circles trying to figure out what is what. Then after hours of research you find out that what you read is out of date. Radix has a lot of info, but itís out of date. It talks about how Scsi HDD is so much faster than IDE/ATA HDD. So I made a note of that. My best friend who is a genius on computers told me that was a bunch of wellllll, you know the word. He said Ata now is the fastest. He went on and on and I canít repeat all he said. Another thing, I havenít been able to find a Linux site anywhere that begins with the most basic tutorial and slowly moves ahead. Even worse, the technical writing skills of 99% of those who post any kind of tutorial are terrible. They are probably very knowledgeable people, but they just canít convey their ideas in an orderly, step by step manner. For example, they might say ďgo to registryĒ. They assume everyone knows how to do that. It should first be stated ďAt the lower left of the screen (desktop), you should click on the start button, click run button, enter (without quotes) ďregeditĒ, click enter, and so forth. That is so easy to follow, that a complete imbicil could follow that. But how many times do you see this kind of simple step by step presentation. I give up on Linux for now until they make a little more headway. For now Iím into - Portable software for USB drives | Your Digital Life, Anywhere‚ĄĘ . Many programs to download to USB, itís simple and itís a nice way to get away from Windows the Mac route since they have a USB Mac Operating system that appears to do everything automatically after you download it to your stick. Donít have to worry about the bios, the partitions, the this , the that, that never ends. Much easier than Linux and all that guessing game stuff and getting nowhere. Fine for those that have nothing else to do, I wish I could be so lucky, but Iíve got other terrain to conquer. Good Luck.

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