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    Sabayon or PCLinuxOS?

    Hi there,

    I still consider myself a Linux newbie though I currently triboot two linux distros and win2k. However, I'd like to try out a new distro and I'm trying to decide between Sabayon 3.4 and PCLinuxOS. The Sabayon LiveDVD has the best hardware support I've ever seen, finding and configuring my widescreen laptop lcd and my broadcom 43xx wireless flawlessly! It also supports brightness settings in kpowersave and even on the fn keys.

    In contrast, PCLinuxOS livecd won't even boot for me. It can't find my screen at all and says that it doesn't exist.

    I know that with tweaking, I can get PCLOS to work but I guess I was wanting your opinions on whether it's worth it? I see on distrowatch that PCLOS is currently wildly popular so I'd like your opinions. Given the great livedvd experience I've had, I'd probably install Sabayon and not think one more thing about it except that I'm a tiny bit nervous of its gentoo base. The distros I've used up until now have all used a deb package manager. Is it worth being scared of?

    Let me know what you think. I look forward to hearing your opinions!!!

    Thanks in advance.

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    Linux newbie here, too.

    I have PCLinuxOS on a drive right now. Seems cool enough, GUI is very XP-ish, but probably not any more than most other Linux distributions. I'm big into Ubuntu right now, myself. My first Linux attempt was Alinux. Honestly, though, I think it was a little too much trouble for a first-timer without much in the way of time to spend on it. I screwed it up the first day and had to reinstall....and reinstall, and reinstall, and reinstall. I actually have it on a drive working now, but shortly after I got it back up, I downloaded PCLinuxOS. Again, worked well initially, but screwed it up and had to reinstall (only once, this time). Problem was that I never got my video and sound drivers working right. So, I downloaded yet another distro (Ubuntu) and it's the only one I haven't screwed up a few times before getting it right. Lots of add-ons, useful stuff...drivers worked very well from the git-go, both video and sound, after I found and installed them. Also, installation was smooth and easy (just followed a page of directions, all done). One of the things that is a little annoying is the desktop choices. KDE, Gnome, this, that..which would be spectacular (where do you get that sort of choice in Windows, eh?), except for one thing: If you put something somewhere in one Desktop manager, it doesn't stay there when you start another one back up again. I'd like to be able to switch between the two I mentioned above, but can't, really, because I don't want to have to modify and customize everything twice to get it the way I want. There have been a few other small issues, but nothing unmanagable.
    Other than that, though, I like it.

    Anyway, back to your point: Sure, PCLOS is a good one, and I'd probably have liked it even more if I'd been a tad more knowledgable when I first installed it and hadn't screwed up the drivers and had to do everything over again. Same with Alinux though, I'm sure. Best thing to do (in my opinion) would be to get an empty /dev/hda and install it and play with it awhile. Seems to work pretty good for me.

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    I know nothing about Sabayon, but PCLOS is one of the LiveCD's I carry around with me and try on different machines, to show friends "See! This is Linux!". I've LiveCD-booted PCLOS on my current laptop (Compaq Presario V2000), my old-and-about-to-be-sold laptop (IBM Thinkpad 600X), and currently have it installed on a 450MHz Pentium-2 with 128MB RAM and a 2.3GB HD.

    Even so, PCLOS may not be a keeper for me as a permanent install. I'm finding I prefer the behavior and aesthetics of the Fedora 7 install I have on my 800MHz P-3 better, but that's a side issue. I'm going to try out other distros for look, feel, and handling. PCLOS is almost trying too hard to be slick-looking, if you know what I mean?

    The PCLOS LiveCD failed to boot on a P-2 with only 64MB of ram, and I haven't gotten it to work on either of the 1GHz P-3 IBM Netvista 6841's at my neighborhood coffeehouse. I suspect insufficient RAM is the problem there as well, they were also designed for Win2k!

    The more-or-less current SuSE LiveCD is even finickier, wanting 256MB RAM before it'll consider booting. Simply MEPIS (6.5.02) will boot with only a Pentium-class CPU required, but 128+MB RAM seems to be a really good idea there as well.

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    The only thing that Sabayon shares with Gentoo is the package manager portage.
    When you install sabayon to the hard drive, you get almost everything you would need, including the kitchensync.
    Any apps that don't come with Sabayon are small and can be installed in less than 15 minutes on a decent pc.
    I consider a decent pc to be a p4 with 768 meg of ram.
    If you want to learn more about linux take a linux journey
    Use CODE tags when posting output of commands. Thank you.

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    sabayon is alright but in my opinion pclinuxos is better. i have installed on multiple computers both new and old and haven't ever had any problems booting. have you considered a fresh download and burn and then trying it?

    Momento Mori

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