time in
ps -eo pid,time

shows 00:00:00

for a particular pid

whereas in
top command
Time shows different time...
why is that?
whats the difference between those two?
both are total amount of cpu time right?

top time:->no. of cpu seconds that have been used by the process since it was started

ps time:->total amount of cpu time used(usr +sys)

when i tried
time ps -eo pid,time,cmd

it showed::

6378 00:00:00 ps -eo pid,time,cmd

real 0m0.011s
user 0m0.004s
sys 0m0.008s

time taken by that command is
00:00:00 in ps table

when time=usr+sys
then it should be 0.004+0.008=0.012
so it shud atleast show 00:00:01 ??!!

PS:i'm a linux newbie...
am i thinking correct??

can someone explain why that is so??
thanks a lot in advance
whereas it showed ::