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    I want to do a translation on a sentence that a user types in, then translate it to other language
    I got a database of words translation.
    But i don't know how to do an array.
    if ic an store all the string from the user input, and store it in an array, i can use a loop to translate each words and print them all as a sentence in another language.
    any idea?
    Thank you

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    What language are you using?
    There are a million tutorials on the net explaining how arrays work for whatever language, but they are generally all the same. I'll do a java example. Are you also sure you want arrays, or are you happy with a collection API?
    String[] wordList = {"hello", "mr", "jones"};
    StringBuffer translatedSentance = new StringBuffer(100);
    for &#40;int i = 0; i < wordList.length; i++&#41; &#123;
            String translatedWord = wordList&#91;i&#93;;
            translatedSentance. append&#40;translatedWord&#41;;

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    nonono, i'm trying to write a shell program to translate anEnglish sentence into French, i got the french dicionary called, but how do i set an array to store all the words inside a sentence that the users puts in and then use a lopp to translate them all?

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