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    How can we Compare Values of different files by using AWK..

    hi readers!

    my question is:

    Is it possible to use two awk commands simultaneous for comparision of two values taken from two different files.....????????

    for eg:

    awk '{ if ( $1 ==$1 | awk '{ "%d",$1 } file2 } file1

    i know this syntax is wrong.....but i hope this clears the problem to u all....
    that is comparision of two different values taken from two different files by using awk command....

    hopeing for a quick response...

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    I don't know awk that well, but I can show you another method that
    may work for you in the interim.
    value1=$(grep STRING FILE1)
    value2=$(grep STRING FILE2)
    if [ "$value1" = "value2" ];then
            echo "Hey they are the same!"
    If you find a way to do it with awk, or another way I'd like to see it.
    Also does anyone know any good Awk tutorials?

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