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    Help with a school project, please

    Ok, so lets get down to it. I have this project for school where I have to write a simple script can do the following:

    Query for Songs
    Add Entries
    Delete Entries
    Display All
    Create a Playlist
    Delete Playlist

    I'm having a really tough time and were not getting much help here in class.

    This is what I got so far:

    echo "MP3 Program Menu:
    A)Query for Songs
    B)Add Entries
    C)Delete Entries
    D)Display All
    E)Create a Playlist
    F)Delete Playlist
    echo -e "Enter your selection --> \c"
    I know I have to make in a database. but I'm really lost. Any help would be appreciated.

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    You won't get much help for school projects here - in general it is contrary to the terms-of-service for this site. However, I think that some general pointers are not out of order. So, use the file system (user directories and files) for your database. It's simple and can be scripted pretty easily. Ie, check for and create a ~/Music/Playlists directory if necessary, and use that to store playlists, which in turn can be simple text (xml is good) files.

    You can also create if necessary the directory ~/Music/Contents directory, and store the raw mp3's there.

    Your biggest issue is what information you want in your playlists. Also, you probably want to create an "All Songs" playlist that keeps track of all the songs in ~/Music/Contents.

    That's about as much help as I can in good conscience provide you. Good luck.
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