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    Need cross oompiling of linux for mips processor... I think

    New forum user and hoping this is the right place for this question.

    I have a digital signage device that runs on linux and has it's own program kernel written to run a specific set of instructions... which I don't care for. I want it to do something different and the OEM told me I could probably do it by cross compiling the kernel... right, whatever that means.

    The device has no hard drive but stores data on CF card. It is controlled via ethernet , no mouse or keyboard connections. It runs on a mips processor and has hdmi and vga out.

    What I want to know is whether on not I can have this device boot into linux, download a folder full of files from an ftp site at a specific time of day, then open mozilla firefox and run one specific html file. I don't know what distro of linux it needs to be but running mozilla with flash 10 is necessary. Next, I need to find out if it has the horsepower to run large flash files. It currently does a great job with full hd output.

    If this can be done then I can move onto finding someone who can do it.

    Any experienced compiler out there willing to offer some guidance?


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    There are any number of distributions that will run on mips processors, and most systems can cross-compile to that environment. However, there are a lot of niggling details to be aware of when you get into cross-platform development like this. It is neither trivial nor a suitable project for a newbie.

    That said, there are certainly people out here who can do what you want, for a price most likely. My contract development rates are $200 USD / hour...
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