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    find & grep multiple files

    i'm trying to make a script that finds all the files in /usr/share/app-install with 'beagle' in the filename
    and then i need to get the lines where an empty space followed by a " appears

    Now i got some parts, but can't put it together:

    find /usr/share/app/install -iname *beagle* -exec grep * \"* -H {} \;
    thanks in advance!

    --- edit
    i managed to get the following working with a friend:
    find /usr/share/app-install -name *beagle* -exec grep ' \' {} \;
    but it doesn't work on my computer?

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    welcome to the forum

    > app-install
    > app/install

    note inconsistent usage.

    I found this to work pretty good:

    cd /usr/share/app-install
    find . -name *beagle* -exec grep ' \"' -H {} \;

    note the space between "'" and "\"
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    Why do you need command find? As you can simply do a
    cd /usr/share/app-install
    grep -r ' \"' *beagle*

    The -H option is omitted here as grep will use -H by default when you search in multiple files. The -r option enables recursive search under /usr/share/app-install.

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