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    How to free the void pointer

    I allocated void pointer using malloc. Please let me know how to free this memory?

    typedef struct_t node {
    int a;
    char b;
    void *c;
    void *d;

    node_t *dp;

    in my program, I assigned some head to the pointer. I am allocating like this.

    dp = phead.
    dp->c = (void*)malloc(10);
    dp->d = (void*)malloc(20);

    Now I have to free the memory. I used at last in the program like this.

    if (dp->c) free(dp->c)
    if (dp->d) free(dp->d)

    But when I executing it is getting crashed. Let me know the solution for this.

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    You should be able to free the allocated memory. Maybe its something else, did you try running your program in a debugger?
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    dp = phead;
    dp->c = (void*)malloc(10);
    dp->d = (void*)malloc(20);

    Does this 'phead' pointer variable really have allocated memory?
    Check that! If it is incorrect or missing, then it is likely that you get this kind of behaviour.

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    Most likely something in your program has "walked on" the pointers, resulting in corrupted memory, hence the crash. You need to run your program in the debugger and set a watch point on dp or phead to see when it is modified. Also, if something deallocated phead, or phead is a pointer to an automatic variable that went out of scope, then you will get the same results.
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