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    Bash script help

    hi guys..
    i need assistance to solve the problem
    i hav a file having many records, the format is following

    905-508-6356 Tool Shop Schacher Mel
    416-967-22 Maintenance Schenker Michael
    416-967-2208 Sales Vai Steve

    now i wana display first 10 records when display, then ask to input 'd' to search departments starting from 'd'. or input 'f' to display first names matching .
    the other important thing is to ask input 'n' to goto next 10 records or press 'p' to show previous 10 records.

    please help me to solve this prob.

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    This sounds suspiciously much like someone's homework to me, so therefore I'm intentionally going to give vague hints:

    1. As for selecting a certain number of lines, see the `head' and `tail' command.
    2. As for searching, see the `grep' command, and also the regex(7) manpage.
    3. As for giving the user some kind of choice, see either the `read' command or the `select' command.

    Always remember -- `man', for displaying manual pages, is your friend.

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    I answered this one on another forum - awk solution.

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