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    File splitting issues

    I am splitting a file based on the values read from an input file. The below one is the script.

    1)How do I add the header which is present in the original file to the new split files created?(For eg. pharmacyf conatins header as table column names. The new files created (ODS.POS.$pharmacyid.$tablename.$CURRENT_DATE.dat) are without the header).

    2) Also the script is creating 0 byte files for the pharmacyids which are not available in the intial file? Can this be avoided?

    for pharmacyf in *
    tablename=`echo $pharmacyf |cut -f4 -d'.' `
    while read pharmacyid
    grep -w $pharmacyid $pharmacyf >> $OUT/ODS.POS.$pharmacyid.$tablename.$CURRENT_DATE.dat
    done< inputfile


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    It would have been helpful to post your code in [CODE ][/CODE] tags, and to have shown enough of the input file(s) data to know hw to parse it (also in [code ] tags; very important).

    #  Variables not defined here:  $OUT $pharmacyid $CURRENT_DATE
    #  Variables possibly undefined here: $inputfile
    for pharmacyf in *; do
       tablename=`echo $pharmacyf |cut -f4 -d'.' `
       # Read header into $header
       header = "grep/cut/etc header content from $pharmacyf here" 
        while read pharmacyid; do
            echo $header > $filename
            grep -w $pharmacyid $pharmacyf >> $filename
            # If grep failed to find something, delete the file
            if [ $? ]; then
                rm $filename
        # Is "inputfile" a constant, or an as-yet-undefined variable?
        done< inputfile
    If you have data which is constant through each iteration of a loop, then define it before entering the loop (the header), then use it on each iteration of the loop.
    You haven't show enough information to determine how the header is found/parsed.
    --- rod.
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    Thank you so much! You are great!


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