Hi all - I have a perl script that, given dates/times, will generate a list of file names (to work with short duration log files). For instance:
$ file-dates "4 hours ago" "1 hour ago"
Up until recently, bash dealt with the brace expansion just fine, even for very long durations. However, now when I ask for:
$ ls `file-dates "10 hours ago" "now"`
ls: cannot access {ft-v05.2010-08-05.03????-0400,ft-v05.2010-08-05.04????-0400,ft-v05.2010-08-05.05????-0400,ft-v05.2010-08-05.06????-0400,ft-v05.2010-08-05.07????-0400,ft-v05.2010-08-05.08????-0400,ft-v05.2010-08-05.09????-0400,ft-v05.2010-08-05.10????-0400,ft-v05.2010-08-05.11????-0400,ft-v05.2010-08-05.12????-0400,ft-v05.2010-08-05.13????-0400}: File name too long
However, now I'm also receiving:
$ ls `flow-date "1 hour ago" "now"`
ls: cannot access {ft-v05.2010-08-05.12????-0400,ft-v05.2010-08-05.13????-0400}: No such file or directory
But, as you can see, they indeed do exist:
$ ls ft-v05.2010-08-05.12????-0400
ft-v05.2010-08-05.120000-0400  ft-v05.2010-08-05.123000-0400
ft-v05.2010-08-05.121501-0400  ft-v05.2010-08-05.124500-0400
Thoughts? Any help is appreciated! Many thanks.