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    Thumbs up Source code compiler

    Hi everyone,

    Iam new in this thread kindly correct me if iam going wrong somewhere.

    I will briefly detail my query:

    > I have source code of one software "X"
    >this source code contains all different files .C,.H,.Jav......
    >I am using Redhat 9.0 for my Test PC
    >I want an compiler which can run all above source code files & give me executable file
    >As iam Fresher in coding field , kindly give brief steps as how to go about this
    > how to run compiler
    >how to generate executable file

    Thanks & Regards

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    Your main question is confusing and hard to answer the way you've asked it. More info is required.

    Compilers - the programs that perform the first step of turning source code into something the computer can understand - are specific to one language. Yes, a single source file may contain pieces of code or references to code written in other languages, but the source file will still be written according to the rules of a single, main programming language.

    Once you can tell us what language the source file was written in, we can be more helpful. If you don't know or can't tell, try posting some of the code. Post the first 20 - 30 lines of code, and we'll go from there.

    It sounds like you've picked a complex problem for someone brand new to programming. Why not start with something a little simpler? Where did you get this source code, and why do you need to execute it?

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    I guessed as much that my question was bit confusing, sorry for that!

    I have taken freely available source code of Teamviewer software

    I want to edit some files within it , & want to execute it again to see if changes got reflected.

    I couldn't upload the source code on this forum, as it exceeds the size limit.

    There are many folders within "Teamviewer_source.Zip "file, iam confused how do i compile it

    It would be appreciable , if u can help me in telling just the steps to compile the source code!!

    plz let me know if any more info is required,,,,,...hope u understand that iam not from programing background,,,,sryy

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    According to a comment I found on another forum, TeamViewer is written in C++, but I couldn't verify that. You would use g++ to compile and other tools from gcc (gnu compiler collection) to build into an executable. Install gcc from your repositories or use whatever software install method is appropriate for your distro.

    See if the source code includes a readme text file or any other text file that describes how to compile and make the source code into an executable.

    Use Google to search for help compiling the source code. Try asking for help on the TeamViewer web site.

    Good luck.

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    I can't understand what is asking you but it may be help

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    Each compiler is crafted to a particular language. Typically they generate some sort of system-neutral object code (ELF is popular these days) that can be used to generate machine code and linked into an executable. It is possible to use multiple languages to compile code to ELF or machine code, and then combine them into a single executable. This is common with languages such as C, C++, Fortran, etc. You can also do that with a native Java compiler such as the GNU java compiler gcj. In any case, you need to understand compilers, assemblers, and linkers in much more detail before you can go about building a multi-language compiler - not a trivial feat for anyone!

    Good books to study the subject (I have them on my bookshelf):

    (Author, Title, Publisher)
    1. Allen Holub, Compiler Design in C, Prentice-Hall
    2. Fischer and LeBlanc, Crafting a Compiler, Benjamin Cummings
    3. Grune and Jacobs, Parsing Techniques - A Practical Guide, Ellis Horwood

    These are advanced computer science text books. None of them are particularly cheap, but you might be able to find some used on There are others as well as someone here may recommend.
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